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MosBuild 2020 introduces the new MosBuild Trend Gallery by AM Group.

A key new change for MosBuild 2020 is the new content area featuring conceptual bathrooms designed by renowned Russian interior designers. The designers include Diana Balashova, Tatyana Gorshkova, Nikolai and Mikhail Zhilin, Anna Zolotareva, Ivan Kachalov, Victoria Kiorzak, Sergey Kovalev, Alena Chashkina, and Mike Shilov, who are already working on their designs.

Visitors will discover the 11 innovative and stylish bathroom designs and much more at MosBuild 2020 this spring. An expanded content programme will generate a buzzing business atmosphere.

Get in touch with your target audience of architects and designers by exhibiting at MosBuild 2020.

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