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Since its commencement by Dev Media Enterprise, Focus Ceramics and Focus Machinery have been of great help to one and all connected with Ceramic Industry. The magazines have been playing a pivotal role in bridging the gaps between prospective ceramic souk across the globe.
Alkesh Gondalia, the editor-publisher of the magazines, manages the entire task of bringing out the magazines single-handedly. He started the magazines as an amateur, but today he has all relevant knowledge and information about printing, publishing and marketing the product that is close to his heart.
Mr. Gondalia has travelled extensively in various parts of country as well as abroad as an ambassador and promoter of Indian Ceramic Industry.


Focus Ceramics and Focus Machinery, quarterly magazines, are leading magazines in India focusing mainly on Ceramic Industry. These magazines provide all the information pertaining to Indian ceramic sector, products and services. They give insight into the developments, technological advancements and innovations in the ceramic segment. The magazines also share views and reviews of the industry experts and acquaint us with the who’s who of the ceramic industry.


These magazines can be located in various prominent ceramic trade fairs and other building services show organized across the world. 70 % of these magazines are distributed in exhibitions and the 30 % is circulated amongst ceramics dealers, builders, architects and interior designers all over India.

Some of the important regional circulation market of these publications is Morbi, Thangadh, Himmatnagar and Mehsana to name a few.


Being leading publications, with a vast distribution network and with the latest information about the ceramic industry, we provide you a platform to reach out to your target audience. Grab the opportunity to spread out your reach and enhance your business with us!!!

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