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We have met with the Marianna Slivkova, Sales Director of FOSALI a.s., at Mosbuild 2019 and she was pleased to share with us her opinion about participating in the largest building and interiors trade show in Moscow for the first time.

Marianna told us «I have come here today to present my company and unique chandeliers made in Slovakia. This is a combination of optical fiber, hand-blown glass and LED technologies, which we successfully combine to produce wonderful chandeliers and art objects.

We would like to introduce these products on the Russian market, and that is why I am here today, hoping to achieve my goals.

At the moment, it is too early to judge, but in general, we are pleased with the number of visitors. We managed to get some good quality contacts, it is very useful. This is our first experience of participation for us, but we are already considering the possibility of further cooperation, as we are satisfied with the quality and quantity of people.»

  • If the goals of your company include:
  • increase of sales
  • entering the Russian market
  • expanding geography in Eastern Europe
  • presenting products and innovations to people taking decisions

and during the 4 days of MosBuild you will reach all the construction and interiors market at a single location, you will meet everyone who deal with your product on different stages.

Allocation of Exhibitors have already started.

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