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Globally Well-known Industry Pageant

During the past over 30 years, as the high-standard brand event in global ceramics industry, CERAMICS CHINA(the China Int’l Exhibition for Ceramics Technology, Equipment & Product) has proudly become the key networking platform, and the important carrier & window of technology exchange and business trading across the world.

Leading companies and elite suppliers around the world are gathering at CERAMICS CHINA, showcasing their state of the art innovations and know-how of raw materials, decorative materials, refractory and abrasives, machinery and equipment, environmental technology, spare parts, molds, tools and design services for end-users of building ceramics, sanitaryware, tableware, artistic ceramics and industrial ceramics, etc.

The previous edition (CERAMICS CHINA 2019) has attracted 816 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions, where the top 10 countries are China, Italy, Spain, Germany, South Korea, Japan, India, USA, Netherlands and Turkey, while overseas participation accounted for 22%.

The 2019 edition also received a total visiting number of 95180 in which 83,092 are from 355 cities in China. Total overseas visitors are 12,088, accounted for 12.7%, where the top 10 countries are India, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan, and Russia.

Exhibition Range in Full Industrial Chain

Raw materials: Clay, Quartz, Feldspar, Additives, Abrasives

Raw material preparation: Testing, Ball mill, Filtration, Drying

Molding/Drying: Feeding, Mold, Press, Dryer

Glaze/decoration: Colors, Glazes, Ink, Glazing, color printing, inkjet printing equipment

Firing: Kiln, Furnace, Combustion, Refractory

Finishing: Grinding, Polishing, Abrasives, Tools

Packaging/Warehousing: Packaging machinery, Smart storage system

Associated equipment: Desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal equipment, Sewage treatment equipment, Waterjet/cutting machine

Accessories/Parts: Belts, Motors, Bearings, Components, Filters

Remark: Only Reference to Production Process of Building Ceramics

Five Sectors + Nine Exhibition Halls

One Stop Showcase for Visiting

CERAMICS CHINA 2021 will cover nine exhibition halls (indoor & outdoor) at Area A, Canton Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou on June 22-25, 2021 with the gross show space of 100,000 sq.m. According to product categories and business natures, the event will offer five sectors including Raw Materials, Ceramic Machinery & Accessories, Ceramic Inkjet Printing Technology & Equipment, Technology of Tableware & Sanitaryware, and International. CERAMICS CHINA 2021 has built the one-stop showcase platform for visitors from around the world.

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